๐ŸŽ‰ Launching soon...

Editable Flat & 3D illustrations
for your creative projects.

Weโ€™re building a handcrafted design asset library with a simple web app.
Customize and download flat & 3D illustrations right from the browser.
Built by @ishfillet โ€” you can follow me on Twitter for updates.

Where would I use these?

From website to landing page to app-onboarding to blog posts โ€”
MakeSumo assets look lovely everywhere (we built these with categories in mind).
Impress your audience as if you hired a design agency for personalized assets
without paying big-agency-price-tag.

MakeSumo assets make your website, landing, app, & blog look better

Change all the colors.
Make it your own.

The stock photos you use, probably never match your brand
color palette โ€” your product or project looks off.

MakeSumo lets you customize every asset to your liking.
Change the accent colors to match your brand.

Give your users or visitors a better, cohesive experience.
Say goodbye to boring, generic stock photos.


3D assets are
customizable, too...

3D is taking over the world โ€” weโ€™re trying to make 3D illustrations accessible to everyone. You can change the accent colors of 3D illustrations in real-time and download them directly from the browser. We crafted hundreds of 3D assets with categories in mind. You can easily customize them to match your brand.